Garage Door Problems

Voorhis Garage Doors Can Solve It!

Opener Repairs

Bent rails, bad safety sensor eyes, gears worn out, fried circuit boards, broken chain. These are all issues that are very common problems with a garage door opener. We can fix most of them with one trip to your home or business location. We carry replacement parts for almost every brand out there!

Spring Repairs

The spring or springs on your garage doors are designed to take up most of the weight so that the door feels light and easy to open and close. When a spring breaks due to age or an accident, you’ll see just how heavy that door really is…possibly leaving it impossible to open until fixed. Voorhis Garage Doors can fix your springs fast and have you back in business!

Garage Door Repairs

Squeaky rollers? Bent tracks? Saggy panels? Broken hinges? All of these problems can drive you crazy and make your garage door inoperable. If you let a little problem go for too long, you might have to replace the entire door, track, or opener. Call us for some yearly preventive maintenance. We’ll tune up your garage door. You won’t believe how quietly it can operate when we’ve finished.

All Repairs Big and Small

  • Battery back-up doors
  • 120/240V Electric openers
  • Rolling steel door sections
  • Locks and latches
  • Weather stripping
  • Remote controls and keypads
  • Cables and springs
  • Rollers and tracks
  • Low-profile doors and openers
  • Security devices